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Saturday, 23 May 2009

MECOM/Telecoms Leaders: see you in Abu Dhabi?

Later today I am getting on a plane headed for Abu Dhabi, UAE. I'll be dividing my time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Sunday to Wednesday, heading back home in the small hours of Thursday morning.

If any regular readers of this blog would like to connect for a face-to-face chat about all that's going on in emerging markets worldwide and to establish whether we can help one each other somehow, I'd be happy to see what I can fit between already planned meetings. My day job is as a telecoms sector executive search/selection consultant so I may be able if you're looking to attract new talent for your telecoms sector business (operator, technology/software vendor, regulator) or if you're seeking a new opportunity for yourself. I'm also just keen to get closer to as many markets as I can, learning from new contacts and sharing what I know in return. If any of this is of interest and if you're going to be in Dubai/Abu Dhabi from Sunday 24th to Wednesday 27th, let's see if its worth trying to connect. In the first instance, email me at I will pick it up in real-time.

On Monday, I plan to spend a good chunk of the day at the excellent Telecoms Leaders 2009 conference attached to the annual MECOM trade show held in 25th-27th May at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Telecoms Leaders looks very worthwhile, with contributions from speakers including:

This is all organised by the lovely people at IIR Middle East, whose support has been truly appreciated as my firm has worked to organise a networking reception we are hosting tomorrow. I know they will be delighted to get further registrations for Telecoms Leaders and/or for the other related conferences and workshops taking place at the ADNEC this coming week. So: roll up, roll up...

I shall try to find the time to blog on the highlights of the conference more-or-less in real time - but the road to hell is, as most of us know, paved with good intentions. So, no promises...


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