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Friday, 17 July 2009

DevelopingTelecomsWatch: media partner of the Com World Series

I am delighted to announce that DevelopingTelecomsWatch is now an official media partner of the Com World Series, the suite of conference/exhibition/networking events hosted in high growth markets worldwide by Informa Telecoms & Media.

Each event involves:
  • a conference featuring speakers from the operators and regulatory agencies of the region it covers - with operator speakers up to CEO level
  • a conference agenda designed to give speakers and delegates the opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues facing the telecoms sector in the region concerned
  • a wealth of networking opportunities
  • a business model which enables the organisers to offer delegate passes free of charge to operators and regulators
  • an exhibition supported by telecoms technology vendots, carriers' carriers etc.
Com World Series events take place throughout the year in locations including Cape Town, Cairo, Nairobi, Abuja, Istanbul, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro. Delegate numbers at the larger events are typically around the 3000 mark.

DevelopingTelecomsWatch will preview each event with a review of developments in the region concerned and rounding up news items about the participating companies.

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